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    Started my day by shampooing and deep conditioning my bag of hair extensions. Nothing weird about that right?

Check Out Megan's Newest Conan Sketch

August 19, 2015

Click here to watch Megan on Conan! She plays Megan Bush and is giving birth to a 2 year old! Not something you see everyday!

Take a Read of Meg's Interview by Ryan Meehan!

June 30, 2015

Megan did an interview for the site www.firstorderhistorians.com! Click here to take a read! It discusses a lot about Megan's work in comedy, and gives insight into an actors life.

More Events Coming Soon

"Death Scene"

Megan gives a little insight into what actors go through on set!


Written by Megan Heyn, and co-starring Liz Holtan and Lisa Schwartz!